Where do we go from here?


Fast track development and deployment of CO2 sequestering systems is so important. Levels must be reduced quickly and the longer we procrastinate the more expensive it becomes, not to mention lives lost.

We at EnviromentalFuture are promoting awareness of the general public and are joining with 350.org and PeoplesClimateMarch.org this September, 21st, 2014 at the rally in New York City. We urge all our friends, family and contributors to be there and speak as one.

So if you come to understand the planetary crisis we are facing now, (not in one year or five years, but right now)…what would you do?

  • What is your planet worth?
  • What percent of your time and resources would you be willing to spend, in order to have plankton, fish, dolphins out there? 1%? 10%? 50%?
  • How would you get involved?
  • If you were a teacher would you teach?
  • An engineer would you get together with other engineers , develop solutions?
  • If you were a person with a vision of a gas free society, join in the force which is accelerating toward this end ( 350.org rally this sept 20-21 for instance) ?
  • Would you start local, with your city, to implement better transit, or ride share programs? ( envision an electric car and bus ride share program)?
  • If you are a student would you learn, maybe make THIS your goal, to change the paradigm of the planet to a sustainable one through completely different approaches to business, science, political change?
  • If you’re a parent, teach your kids sustainable practices, the true cost of plastic toys, attitudes of everything being disposable, of needing to always buy the latest greatest version of computer/phone/gadget?
  • In other words small attitudes and changes at home become enlarged to have a an effect on the entire planet. Look at our planet now. Giant trash gyres, circulating in an ever increasing acidic ocean. Human (selfish and hubris) nature has brought us here. How can we become the change we need? It starts at home, and amplifies upward and outward.

    Here are just SOME Possible actions:

    • Write an editorial or even take out a newspaper ad to explain to your locale about the existing functioning CO2 sequestration systems, and the fact that we need to be expanding their capacities. Encourage people and elected officials to read, educate themselves, take action. (You can locate your senators and representatives at the bottom of this page, just put in your zip code!)
    • Print off one thousand fliers and put them everywhere, on supermarket shelves, transit lines, message poles, bulletin boards, doctors offices, tire change shops. Know that anywhere people sit and wait, they read. Help educate ppl of this crisis and it’s solutions.
    • Use your Facebook and Twitter, and any social media skills to spread the word. We’ve already passed a tipping point. Let’s get a pyramid going on this.
    • Spread the word on upcoming events like the sept 20-21 rally by 350 dot org. Follow this link for events.

    When our leaders, politicians, businesses and industries see what it is we care about, the new direction we MUST go, (and quickly) they will respond. 

    Remember, the solutions are already here. We just need to implement them. Take action every day.


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