Environmental Future’s Mission

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Our planet is in a state of emergency. The food web in the oceans is dying. Valuable time has been spent approaching the climate change problem as a debatable science. So much CO2 has entered the oceans as carbonic acid, that we have changed our oceans chemistry. Understand that we have changed the chemistry of 330 million cubic miles of seawater by increasing the acidity by 30%. Acidity prevents shells from forming. Phytoplankton, corals and shell fish have plummeted. They are the main source of food for salmon mackerel, and herring. This is happening at the bottom of the food web that sustains life on this wonderful planet. We need to reverse CO2 emissions and go back to preindustrial levels. We should be spending our time and money on figuring out if there is a way to deacidify the oceans.

Our mission is to expedite the removal of carbon dioxide from our atmosphere and reduce the acidity levels in our oceans.  We believe we can expedite the development of CO2 sequestration by removing obstacles and raising awareness. Our message to the political and business leaders is to get on board, time is of the essence to remove the roadblocks. We can get it across to people how serious it is and how it can be mitigated. We do not want to diminish the other issues and causes that are  important, because we understand that things like plastics in the oceans, land recovery, stopping rainforest destruction, etc. are all very important issues. We just believe that what  has been occurring in the oceans is a real game changer for the entire planet. The oceans are the basis of life, and they are in decline, at  a rate much faster than previously believed.

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