Too Little, Too Late? Oops? 6-19-14 paper by James Hansen

In preparing for the UN meeting in September, that we’re sure all of you will be attending the Peoples Climate March, James Hansen wrote a paper….to address the concerns if it’s too little, too late concerns and he’s getting this ready for the UN meeting:

Many queries received: is Obama’s climate effort “too little, too late?” Closely related query: are we at an “oops” moment, a realization that we have pushed the climate system too far, so consequences such as ice sheet disintegration and large sea level rise are now out of our control? It so happens that I have been working, for a few years, on a paper aimed at a clear quantitative response to the “too late?” and “oops?” questions. I will be very scarce for the next couple of months, because I want that paper to be available by the time of the UN meetings in September. The answer re “too little?” is obvious from the fact that governments, ours included, are allowing and encouraging industry to go after every fossil fuel that can be found. Rather than dwelling on that fact, let’s consider the action needed to avoid “too late”.

Read the paper here

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