Climate Reality Rolling Stone Article by Al Gore: The Turning Point to Renewable has Happened

This article from Rolling Stone by Al Gore from spells out how the solar and wind technologies and ramping up of the production has made oil, coal and gas noncompetitive for over 80% of the planet.  There are still very powerful interests, like the Koch brothers, the utilities companies and the hydrocarbon companies that are trying to sabotage and undermine this through lobbying for laws which would tax and burden renewable…they will fail because the overwhelming majority of Americans believe in renewable energy.

That’s not the point of this post. No misunderstanding….this is great news. Remember our mission at is the sequestering of CO2 already in the atmosphere and the lowering of acidity in the oceans. The lowering cost of renewable energy make the sequestering of CO2 and deacidification of the oceans even more feasible, as it can be used to power the devices needed to convert the CO2 into safer, usable byproducts.

We need to keep pressure on the interest groups, industry leaders, corporations, politicians and inform the public in order to solve the problem of our collapsing biosphere.

Please click here to read the Rolling Stone Article.

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