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George Monbiot

Climate Reality Project
Climate CentralClimate Emergency News Link
California Current Acidification Network
The economy of global warming
Stoveboat – Public Affairs consultant for fisheries, the environment and shipping – A site that is robust and parallels our mission.

See this link for Global Thermostat Inc’s pilot project in Menlo Park California:

Links to the ISEEE and how the financial markets will work under a new type of economy:

Graciela-Chichilnisky-Green-Capitalism-The-End-of-Fear (1)
Columbia University’s Consortium for Risk Management.

Link to Thomas Friedman’s article urging action immediately:

Some good new:
NY Times OpEd from Paul Krugman (5/29/14) explaining how cheap it would be to reduce CO2.
Article from about using natural gas from cows to power their delivery trucks
Article about solar beat natural gas in a comparison in (1/9/14)

Some not so good news:
Washington Post Article on Seafood disappearing (6-3-14)